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After another court ruled against the war on children, the Chicago school system said that the war will continue. They will keep the mask enforcement in place. 

An Illinois judge has issued a temporary restraining order blocking schools in the state from enforcing mandatory mask mandates.

Sangamon County Circuit Judge Raylene Grischow’s ruling was in response to a lawsuit from a group of both teachers and parents. 

 Why the Chicago School System says the war will continue.

"The court’s current ruling does not prohibit CPS from exercising its authority to continue its COVID-19 mitigation policies and procedures, including universal masking by students and staff and vaccination and testing requirements for staff members," CPS said in a statement. 

Another part of the ruling that is awesome.

Additionally, school districts can't refuse admittance to teachers and students deemed a "close contact" of a probable COVID-19 case without due process of law, court documents stated.


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