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How Two Countries face a Trade War

Cathay Pacific sacks two ground staff over passenger information leak and says pilot charged over Hong Kong protests has been removed from flying duties

  • Airport workers had disclosed details of Hong Kong police soccer team’s travel arrangements
  • City’s largest airline issues directives in internal circular following sanctions imposed by Civil Aviation Administration of China on Friday
  • I like Cathy Pacific Airlines and when ever I fly between Asia and the US try and use their excelland service and comfort. Not many airlines in Asia can compare.
  • So we are talking about a trade war, and I am talking about an airline, why?
  • Why China has a lot of problems that are brought about by Xi's new crackdown on almost all things that he personally does not agree with.
  • Cathy Pacific is just in the way of a Hong Kong dispute with mainland China.  
  • As a result there have been ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong both on the streets and now for three days running, the airport.
  • Xi's typical response, become the bully and hurt everyone that is associated with Hong Kong.  That is just the way this modern Mao rolls.  
  • His country is putting out messages for the MSM to slather all over Trump and how badly the US is losing this trade war.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • The US is winning.  Plain and simple. Not only the US but Mexico and Canada are benefiting from this trade war also.
  • Just how do we know?  Look at the manufacturing index, unemployment among high school educated workers is at a record high and their wages are also going up.
  • Women in the work place is at a 55 year low (as long as the records have been kept).
  • All minorities unemployment is at record lows or levels not seen in 30 years.
  • Families are bringing in more money, is that reported?
  • What does the media report, what the media always report.  If it does not fit their mantra they will spin it, not report it, or just flat out lie about it.  They no longer are the outlets of news but rather the political arm of the Democratic Liberal Socialist party.  The truth has become a piece of trash to be thrown to the side of the road along with the piles of human waste.  A monument to how dedicated this party has become to destroying all things American.

  • So what does Xi do, he feeds the press propaganda.  He brags that China's exports are up 3.3 percent but neglects to tell the media (actually he did in some press releases) but the median choses to ignore that pesky fact.
  • After all what can a New York City Hick know about international trade?  A whole lot as country after country is getting on the Trump Train and Americans are seeing the results, if they look beyond the MSM.
  • So with that little rant over and some topics we will be discussing in the upcoming days let read an article that appeared today in Asia.

  • Cathay Pacific Airways said on Saturday that two of its airport employees were sacked for leaking information and a pilot charged with rioting has been removed from flying duties.

    The information leaked were the travel arrangements for a Hong Kong police soccer team, who were due to fly to Chengdu.

    CEO Rupert Hogg said in a memo to staff the airline would comply with Chinese aviation authority sanctions revealed on Friday.

    Hogg acknowledged a number of incidents in recent week involving Cathay employees, which put the company in the spotlight.

    The directives were in response to , which among other things, barred the airline’s aircrew who have joined or supported illegal protests from operating flights to mainland China or flying through Chinese airspace.

    “We share the CAAC’s views about the paramount importance of flight safety,” the memo read.

    In a previous memo issued earlier on Saturday, the airline told staff to expect increased security checks on its planes and operations on the mainland in the wake of the sanctions.

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