What's happening here at News With Analysis.

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What's happening here at News With Analysis. So much has happened here since March. Rita has been doing the music scene on Sunday's. Doc Farmer ( who's written on Gateway Pundit ) has been adding articles. Our channel is  ranked on Alexa. Finally we became Google Certified.

There are over a billion websites (1,295,973,827  ). In March we were not ranked. In April we finally made the top 10 million. In May we moved up 62,000. In March we had 4,000 viewers, April 6,000. On May 1st we hit 20,000 viewers a month.

Here are some statistics that SITE 123 records on a daily basis. In April we had visitors from 30 different countries. Visitors from 98 different States and Provinces. And finally 384 different cities.