Was Donald Trump Right this whole time? Courts in five states so far have said yes.

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Was Donald Trump Right this whole time? Courts in five states so far have said yes.Courts in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, and Georgia have given victories to President Trump and his supporters. This article is a update to my article over at Looking at today's world.

We have this from John Solomon.

  • In Michigan, the state Court of Claims ruled that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson violated state law a month before the election by instructing that local election clerks to presume all signatures were valid and to reject only those with “multiple significant and obvious” irregularities. Benson had previously mailed absentee ballots to everyone on the state’s voting rolls under the pretense of coronavirus “emergency” orders.
  • In Wisconsin, the state Supreme Court ruled in December that election officials including Gov. Tony Evers lacked authority to let healthy voters ignore the state’s voter ID requirements by declaring themselves “indefinitely confined.”
  • In Virginia, a Circuit Court judge permanently banned the state Department of Elections’ recently implemented policy to allow ballots without postmarks after Election Day after the Public Interest Legal Foundation filed suit.

In Arizona and Georgia, as well, courts recently issued favorable verdicts allowing access to the voting data for two counties where widespread fraud is suspected. 

I was informed that there are 17 more cases in the states that still need to be settled.