Joe Biden can’t beat Donald Trump or restore decency.

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Joe Biden can’t beat Donald Trump or restore decency. Who ever thinks that Biden is the answer must surely be smoking some funny stuff. Besides, what happened to the party of diversity?

 The Bernie crowd will not except Joe. Unless Joe picks Bernie as his running mate and adopts Welfare for all. Joe just might as well hang it up. President Trump has this one in the bag. We have this from the USA Today.

In 2016, Democrats ran the candidate with a perfect résumé and party credentials. She lost to a far-right game show host. Biden has every liability Hillary Clinton had and then some. His Iraq War vote, ties to the financial sector, scandals involving his son and brother — these issues got little attention from the liberal press during the primary, but Trump and the conservative media will give no quarter.

Sorry Joe, it's just not your time.