Anyone posting a threat especially against a law enforcement officer or politician will be banned
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How do you know when you are on target?

One answer is that Big Tech will censor you. For 
example, Twitter censored a SITTING president. Google, 
YouTube, and Facebook were all caught shadow banning 
certain people (all on the conservative side of the 
spectrum) and manipulating their search algorithms to 
hide stories and/or people they wanted cancelled.

Facebook claimed that its “fact-checkers” were 
unbiased and above reproach – until they stupidly 
admitted in court documents that those “fact checks” 
were “merely opinions” of the person(s) writing them in a
pathetic attempt to try to stave off a big libel suit. 

On  1/2/22 Twitter banned Congresswoman 
Marjorie Taylor Greene. Congresswoman Greene was 
smarter than many of her colleagues because she 
created an account on Gab over a year ago and built up a tremendous following there. Her ban from Twitter should 
come as no surprise. Once Twitter crossed the rubicon 
and banned a sitting President there was nothing 
stopping them from banning each and every Republican 
from the platform without thinking twice. 

And late last week Twitter also banned Doctor Robert 
Malone. After this Twitter ban he appeared on the Joe 
Rogan show and discussed something called mass 
formation psychosis to explain why millions of people 
are sheepishly going along with whatever the tyrants in 
the Regime say. Millions of people started searching 
this term on Google, at which point Google started 
altering and censoring search results for the term. 
Finally, the interview itself has been scrubbed from

With many distracted by New Year’s celebrations 
Silicon Valley is working overtime on the behalf of the 
Regime to ramp up censorship ahead of the 2022 election
cycle. The Regime puppets on both the left and the right 
know their power is in trouble. They will continue to 
silence any true America First candidates who seek to 
represent The People. It’s well beyond time to wake up 
and stop using these platforms before they force you to do so.

Anyone posting a threat especially against a law enforcement officer or politician will be banned.Creative Commons License
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