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California looking to hire hard core criminals ( undocumented immigrants ) as cops. To serve and protect.

I still remember how a few years back a loon from the west coast claimed that the undocumented were the most honest and law abiding folks this person knows ( makes you wonder if this person ever had morals or ethics ). Even said that it wished the family members were this honest and law abiding. Now this is happening.

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell slammed California on "America's Newsroom" Thursday for trying to "devalue citizenship" as Democrat lawmakers propose a bill that would let non-citizens become police officers. 

LEO TERRELL: California is trying to devalue citizenship. They're trying to basically say, look, it doesn't matter. How can this person qualify in a background check? How can an illegal alien take an oath to uphold the law Dana, when he broke the law? It's ludicrous. This is an open-border state. They're competing with New York City to basically say citizenship doesn't matter, and it tells me one thing, that until this state removes itself from being a one-party deep blue state, we're to get these crazy... open policies regarding illegal immigration. They don't want any distinction between citizenship and illegal aliens. 

So a person commits a crime by being here without documentation and what;s his punishment? He's made a cop. Will his first act after being sworn in be arresting himself?


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