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But, but California is the place you wanna be. Unless you're pro growth. OHIO.

Why are manufacturing,  high tech and others avoiding building or expanding in states like California? Sure there's the cost of building, regulations, and over priced workers.. But is that all or is that enough?

Of course you have the woke crowd there, and the lack of folks who accept those different than them. Plus the one side political climate and the failure of the school system. And don't forget the large number of cities that top the most polluted list.

We have  this from Politico.

Midwest sets stage for US semiconductor leadership.

Ohio has a proud manufacturing tradition with some of America’s most essential industries from steel to engines, cars, chemicals and more. Intel’s fabrication site opening is more than an expansion of our factory network. It’s an opportunity for Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and the entire region to attract world-leading technical talent, elevate already outstanding university and engineering programs to the next level, participate in the next frontier of technology growth and reap the numerous economic benefits of a new regional semiconductor ecosystem. 

Ohio’s leaders have shown vision and strategic insight in working with Intel to create this opportunity, and we thank them for their partnership.

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