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11 Mar

Virologists and what they do. Leaves Tony the Fauch out. This article is more for the Science and Medical deniers. You know who they are. Loons who follow Rachel Maddow and Tony the Fauch. Here's a simple definition even they might understand.

These infectious disease specialists are highly skilled medical experts who manage the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases. Virologists may be medical doctors or researchers. Some are engaged in direct patient care, working alongside other health care professionals to treat those with persistent viral infections. Others work behind the scenes, advising general practitioners on the most appropriate antiviral drugs, making recommendations for vaccine use, or advising hospital staff on reducing the spread of infection. 

This from WebMD. 

Extensive Education

The education and training required to work as a virologist depends on whether the goal is to work as a researcher or clinician. Researchers must complete a PhD and postdoctoral research, while medical doctors specializing in virology undergo up to 16 years of education and training, including an undergraduate degree, medical school, residency, and postdoctoral training. 

Tony the Fauch is not qualified to be a Virologist. His specialty 40 years ago when he was a practicing medicine was immunology. Studied the Immune  system. I don't think I need to mention Maddow's lack of knowledge when it comes to medicine.

What I find amazing is how The Fauch openly goes after  doctors and scientists who do the research and studies of the viruses. He has no expertise in thhe study of any virus, let alone COVID.

Finally for him to say what medicines to take or work when it comes to COVID is medical quackery.

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