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31 May

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How could people responsible for so much harm just move on and get away with all of it, without even facing a slap on the wrist? How could the likes of the CDC, FDA, Fauci, and company destroy millions of lives and face no repercussions? How did Pfizer and Moderna executives rob the American people blind and face no recourse? How were all kinds of “public health experts” on the federal, state, and local level able to abuse our unalienable rights without facing any consequences for their actions?

New York Daily News @NYDailyNewsDr. Anthony Fauci thinks COVID isn't going anywhere. “We’re going to be dealing with this virus on a chronic basis,” he said. We’re stuck with COVID on ‘chronic’ basis, says Fauci Yearly vaccine booster shots could be in store for everyone, the White House chief medical adviser said in an interview aired Sunday.

Some of the brightest minds in economics, science, medicine, and journalism, drafted the foundations of a document that will hopefully be used as a means to hold the villains of the COVID era accountable for their authoritarian madnes . The goal of course is to hold these actors accountable for the disaster that was COVID Mania.

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