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11 Dec

I'm sure by now you've heard the reports. COVID infections are up again. And the big warning is not to get vaccinated, but to get boosted. Again and again. So when does this stop? Some states ( California and New York ) lead the way. In Ohio it's our blue cities. Why is this?

What's it telling us when folks are getting vaccinated and boosted and still getting COVID? And we are seeing that it's the vaccinated who are getting sick and dying. Sure the obscure web sites and medical deniers will find some folks who will put out numbers that will still claim that it's the unvaccinated who are dying. A disease doesn't have a brain and it doesn't pick and chose  who to infect.

Mandates. We see that China has used violence against their citizens with these forced mandates. In many cases the people are rebelling. The protests, from moments of personal courage to larger street clashes—one chant in particular will seem familiar to Americans, “Give me freedom or give me death!”—have had some good effect. China is in no sense a free country, but it’s a freer country, thanks to people power. Despite continuing institutional cruelty, we can now see at least a crack in the Great COVID Wall of China. 

Will the Biden administration go the way China has? And how do Americans react? My greatest fear is the lock downs and school closings. 

What say you?

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