You're not going to believe this.

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You're not going to believe this. Let me start off by saying that I have folks ( yes more than one ) who send me links when comments are made about me, my family, friends, and the channels I moderate on. Like this one.

Now the company mentioned was contacted. Guess what happened? I was asked to make changes and I did. Also beside being on two channels, they will now be on five channels. So the jealousy of those two only helped my bottom line. I'm sure that wasn't the intent.

Now I've never wished death on my lurker friends. But this is unreal.

For those who don't know, My family, pastor, his wife, house of worship and of course I all live in Poland. All have been doxed and had personal information posted by these folks. Except for myself, none of those doxed have disqus accounts and post on any of my channels. Ever wonder why Ohio always gets featured stories? And who is this Joe that's always mentioned on NV?

Now the other day we had an excellent conversation between those from the left and the right.

So what has President Trump done to combat the virus? - The Channel with Analysis ( 

It's rare to see such civility from both sides, but it happened. So what do I get in my box yesterday?

 Speaking of Deplorables. Where anyone frequents or posts comments is his or her own business but be very aware of the RW Shitholes that use Disqus as their commenting platform; I would hate to see your personal information compromised…seriously. Gleaning your personal information is a great way ‘to own a lib.’ Furthermore, why would anyone want to argue with a bunch of irrational, fact free MAGAts? However, it’s quite amusing reading their nonsense and laughing hysterically at it. (edited)  

Now why is this person upset that those from the left post here? And what happened to the claim that they don't lurk here? I've never released personal information about any posters, and never will. Can the management folks on NV make the same claim?

All who are civil are always welcome here, and I'll never post  and never have posted your personal information. Just be civil, and we all get along.