You're not a lawyer so why do you pretend you are one?

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You're not a lawyer so why do you pretend you are one? OK so you do your child's proof reading and their homework. You heard Rachel Maddow give her opinion so now it's a legal fact. A lawyer on CNN or MSNBC said it so it must be true.

Only reason I bring this up is because folks send me things plus I see some of the comments folks make. On several occasions I see where a person gives case law why it's illegal to practice law if your not a lawyer. They made that comment after they told a person ( who lives in the Netherlands ) they can sue somebody for slander and libel if they file in California. No they can't.

The one's I love the best are the folks giving legal advice are retired union workers or government employees who are in the secretarial pool. You know the type. Daddy pulled strings to get them hired cause they usually failed on their own.

In closing, the only way you get a proper answer is go to the source. Not a daddy wanna be child.