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We're hearing about more and more folks are getting COVID. Single, double, triple vaccinated. But yet these folks are still coming down with COVID. Don't even think about asking the fauch. He'll tell you that it's all good cause you haven't died YET. So what's the answer? Obvious Vaccines and Boosters aren't working the way we were told they would be. Now how safe are the vaccines for our youth? You do know that both Pfizer and Moderna carry warnings about heart inflammation don't you?

As more and more results come in we're seeing that it's the 12-29 age groups. That are being effected. What happens when they ramp up the 5-11 year olds?

Granted the numbers are low now with the children and Heart inflammation, but tell that to the parents of the children. You're injecting a drug that's giving some of the young heart issues.

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