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You Choose Misery. We Choose JOY.
Memo to the crazy left: You could be a lot happier.

A great piece from Christopher Cook at The Freedom Scale. My take on this article. A comparison between the joyful right and the miserable left.

You continue to say that you don’t want kids. To make entertainment and commercials designed to convince people that children are a burden. To convince yourselves that your lives will be better off without them, or that you are “good people” for “not bringing children into this world. 

We will continue to have the life-altering experience of conceiving, bearing, raising, and loving children, and being loved by them. We will continue to have the kind of transcendent, indescribable joy—and to experience the growth and actualization—that comes from having children.

You continue hating men…treating all men as predators, monsters, abusers, and tyrants…cutting yourselves off from all they have to offer, and pretending that the “future is female.

We will continue loving men, as husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, and friends . We will continue to experience the joys that come from blending and being with the opposite sex— bonding, learning, and growing.

You continue to think of sex as a weapon, an instrument of oppression, or as an opportunity to show just how perverse you can be—just to stick it to the society you feel oppresses you so. You continue to talk about it all the time, but have far less of it.

We will continue to have mind-blowing, soul-touching sex in the context of loving, committed, durable relationships. Not talking about it publicly—just doing it.

You continue to fetishize ugliness. To intentionally make yourselves look uglier.

We will continue to celebrate beauty, and to try to better ourselves

You continue to rail against creation. To hate things as they are.

We will continue to find joy in the nature of things. To make the best of what we’ve got.

You continue to be miserable.

We will continue to choose joy. 

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