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Winning. Judge rules that stopping a man from using a woman''s bathroom is not sex discrimination.

The EEOC ruled that it's sex discrimination to stop a man from using a woman's bathroom. But the Texas AG sued the EEOC last September, arguing that states should have the ability to enact their own policies regarding things like bathroom usage. Paxton in his complaint said the guidance was an act of “extreme” federal overreach that puts women and children at risk.

The Hill reported: 

In guidance issued last year, the EEOC clarified that barring transgender workers from using facilities or pronouns consistent with their gender identity constitutes sex discrimination in accordance with the Supreme Court’s 2020 ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County, which protects employees from workplace discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk issued a ruling blocking federal mandates from imposing pronouns and unisex bathrooms on employers. “The court decision’s is not only a win for the rule of law, but for the safety and protection of Texas children,” said Attorney General Paxton. “The Biden Administration’s attempts to radicalize federal law to track its woke political beliefs are beyond dangerous. I will continue to push back against these unlawful attempts to use federal agencies to normalize extremist positions that put millions of Texans at risk.”

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