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Winning in Ohio. Drill Baby Drill.

Winning in Ohio. Drill Baby Drill. After a slow down since COVID, Ohio is up and running again when it comes to drilling for oil and natural gas. Especially when it comes to Biden trying to stop it.

On private property the federal government has not been able to stop it. Thank the good lord for states like Ohio and this one county that's going gun ho.

 Oil production in Columbiana County skyrocketed during the first quarter of 2023, driven by a handful of wells that are among the better producing assets in the state of Ohio.

Four horizontal wells operating in Hanover Township owned by EAP Ohio, a subsidiary of Houston-based Encino Energy Partners, have shattered previous production figures in the county, data provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources show.

According to ODNR, Columbiana County pumped out 233,390 barrels of oil over a 90-day period, all of it from EAP-owned wells. Four of these wells, located on the Mountz pad in Hanover Township, accounted for 228,058 barrels. Only a little over 5,000 barrels last quarter.

EAP – which operates the majority of its wells in Columbiana, Carroll, Harrison, Guernsey and Jefferson counties – accounted for 3,521,197 barrels, or 53.7% of the total 6,549,638 barrels of oil produced in the Utica/Point Pleasant during the first quarter. 

Natural Gas production thanks to drilling is also up. The state reported its 3,174 wells in the Utica/Point Pleasant produced a combined 551.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas in the first quarter.


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