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Why do Progressives wage a war on children in the name of junk science and fake news?

This from Gateway.

This was absolutely stunning.
A parent confronted local school board members in Virginia with photos of those same school board members without masks on. These school board members are forcing little children to wear masks but they don’t. 

The school board immediately started screaming for security when the parent started flashing their photos on her phone. They demanded the woman be arrested.

 School board member: That’s it! No! No! I’m sorry Miss Vought(sp?) you are done. If you are going to sit there and disparage a member of our school board then you can sit down! If you have something effective to say.

Parent: I have facts and truth on my side. School board member: I am not going to sit here. Can we have a police officer please! Yes, no I’m not scared. I don’t care! I would like you to talk about something that concerns our school board. 


The school board member then left the room in disgust.This is the modern-day Democrat Party.

An anti-mask parent shows a pro-mask school board member photos of her not wearing a mask in public during a school board meeting and the board member storms out of the meeting. This is incredible: — Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) February 20, 2022 
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