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What happens when you don't do research? You Parrot fake news and end up looking like an Ass.

The white progressives have a bad habit of running with what they think are news stories before they do any research on it. And white plantationists ( mostly divorced white progressives ) will parrot that info cause they so want to be loved. 

Recently a bold face lie was that Justice Thomas claimed the cells of aborted fetuses are used in the coronavirus vaccine.  Well John Nolte of Breitbart did an article and posted the quote verbatim.

Far-left Politico:

Clarence Thomas claimed in a dissenting opinion that Covid vaccines are derived from the cells of “aborted children.” No Covid vaccines in the U.S. contain the cells of aborted fetuses.

Far-left Axios:

Clarence Thomas suggests COVID vaccines are made with “aborted children.”

Far-left NBC News:

Justice Thomas cites debunked claim that Covid vaccines are made with cells from “aborted children.”

The Daily Mail also spread this lie, as did Yahoo News, Salon… 

And what did Justice Thomas say? Or should I say repeat.

Here’s Thomas’s actual quote:

Petitioners are 16 healthcare workers who served New York communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They object on religious grounds to all available COVID–19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children.

Two points…

  1. Thomas is not saying — as the liars above claim — that the vaccines are made with aborted children. He’s saying the vaccines were “developed using cell lines derived from aborted children.” That’s obviously two very different things.
  2. You can reasonably read this as Thomas was explaining the petitioners’ point of view instead of his own.

This writer has been attacked for doing research. I'll continue to do research instead as some do, go out of their way to satisfy the hate of 20-25 white plantationists ( White Progressives ).

Case closed

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