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AOC seems to be having a hissy fit cause the Spanish folk aren't house broke like many of the blacks. They are self thinkers. Sure you have the uneducated poor Chicano's who do or say anything ( including breaking our laws ) to come here. But AOC excepts them.

Latinos themselves have roundly rejected the attempt at being inclusive, with one 2021 poll finding only 2% of Hispanic voters use the term Latinix. The term "Hispanic" led the way among those voters, with 68% saying they prefer it. Latino/Latina came in at 21%, while "something else" garnered 8% support. 

Only 2% use the term Latinix. Like the small group of Black Progressives who use the N. Word ( Big in Northern California ). We're seeing more and more Latinos voting Republican. Except for the poor who mimic the black welfare crowd, Latinos have the work ethic.

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