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Tuesday. The Headlines.

   Headlines in this mornings WSJ. PAGE ONE


    China’s Growth Slowed Across All Fronts in July, Prompting Unexpected Rate Cut - Economic activity worsened across the board in July, highlighting the breadth of the challenge facing policy makers in a politically sensitive year for leader Xi Jinping.  A1

    What’s News: Business & Finance A1

    Wall Street Deal Making Faces Greater Scrutiny, Delays Under FTC’s Lina Khan A1

Record Numbers of Migrants Arrested at Southern Border, With Two Million Annual Total in Sight A1

    Why Is Airline Travel So Miserable? Blame Florida A1

    What’s News: World-Wide A1

    Ultra-Competitive Repeat Winners Dominate at Local Fairs: ‘I Don’t Take Vacations’ A1

    Dan Loeb’s Third Point Calls for Disney to Spin Off ESPN, Refresh Board A1



    Why Local Governments Trail Private Employers in Hiring A2

    Federal Reserve Finalizes Guidelines for Access to Its Payment Systems A2

    Corrections & Amplifications A2

    Former Trump Organization Finance Chief Set to Plead Guilty A3

    Merrick Garland Weighed Search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago for Weeks A3

    Rudy Giuliani Named as Target in Georgia Probe Into Bid to Overturn 2020 Election A3

    Idaho Company Sues FTC, Claiming Agency Threatened Suit Over Its Tracking Data A3

    Farm Conservation Efforts Get $20 Billion Bounty From Climate, Health and Tax Bill A4



    Merrick Garland Goes Solo in Mar-a-Lago Search - Did Biden know about the Trump raid? If not, that’s truly disturbing.  A13

    Free Enterprise, Not Central Planning, Will Beat China A13

    There Is No Bright Line on Taxing Carried Interest A13

    ‘Proving Ground’ Review: Calculating Women A13

    The ESG Investing Backlash Arrives A14

    Wisconsin’s 2020 Election Fraud Snipe Hunt Is Over A14

    The SALT Democrats Surrender A14

    Readers Assess Liz Cheney on Donald Trump A14

    Making Medicine Into an ‘Anti-Racist’ Profession A14

    Election Regulations vs. the People A14

    Denying Free Will Is Self-Defeating A14

    What Have Unions Ever Done for Us? A14

    The IRS Hires Agents, Not Angels A14

    Arizona Defends Retirees Against ESG A15

    Republican Censorship Goes for Woke A15



Elliott Management Has Large Position in Cardinal Health - The activist investor is seeking a handful of seats on the medical-products distributor’s board, according to people familiar with the matter.  B1

WWE Says Probe of Vince McMahon Is ‘Substantially Complete’ B1

Andreessen Horowitz Backs WeWork Co-Founder Adam Neumann’s Real-Estate Startup Flow B1

Restaurant Meals Become a Relative Bargain as Grocery Prices Soar B1

Streaming Services Deal With More Subscribers Who ‘Watch, Cancel and Go’ B1

Crypto Is Taking a Few Small Banks on a Wild Ride B1

Walmart Reaches Video-Streaming Deal to Offer Paramount+ to Members B2

Nexstar to Buy Majority Control of CW Network B2

HBO Cuts About 70 Staffers as Parent Looks to Trim Costs B2

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Keeps Spending Through Volatile Markets B3

Starbucks Alleges Federal Labor Officials Improperly Handled Union Elections B3

Unity Board Opposes AppLovin’s $17.5 Billion Buyout Offer B4

Judge Knocks 3M Bankruptcy Strategy for Military Earplug Lawsuits B4

Weak Yen Aids Toyota, Other Big Japanese Companies B5

Freight Demand Is Moderating Heading Toward the Fourth Quarter B5

SoftBank Vision Fund Drew Big Persian Gulf Investors. Their Bets Are Floundering. B10

BHP Earnings Nearly Triple as Coal Prices Run Hot B10

Activist Politan Capital Has 9% Stake in Masimo B10

Hong Kong Regulator Widens Probe Into China Evergrande B10

Arsenal Capital Raises $5.4 Billion for Two New Funds B10

Stocks Extend Winning Streak B11

Investors Are Betting Yet Again That Inflation Will Cool B11

Betting on Corporate Travel Is Risky Business B12

Aramco’s Actions Undercut Its Rosy Predictions B12

For Sinopec, West’s Russian Oil Boycott is a Gift B12

Anyone posting a threat especially against a law enforcement officer or politician will be banned.


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