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--By Matthew Dunnyveg

Whether it's immigrants entering new areas of American life, or constantly being told by liberals that we Americans aren't smart enough to run our own country, we could be forgiven for suspecting that liberals think there are entirely too many Americans in America acting like Americans, and something simply must be done.  Here is a case in point:

Jean Cramer, who is running for city council in a little town called Marysville, Michigan, which is 95% white, indicated she wanted to keep her little town "as white as possible" when asked about bringing in more diversity.  The other candidates were "horrified", meaning they are proud of the fact that they believe Americans aren't entitled to our own country, and that we'll receive no honest representation from them.

Do liberals feel the same way about blacks that wish to keep their areas black, and thus resist that liberal euphemism for ethnic cleansing, "gentrification"?  Nope.  I just got over eight hundred thousand hits on a Google search on "protest gentrification", and not one of them expressed horror over the idea that blacks want to keep their areas black.  Instead, without exception they were sympathetic toward blacks being pushed out of their historic neighborhoods by rapacious white and Jewish liberals.  Why are liberals intent on denying this most basic of rights to other white groups?

The fact is that despite being mostly White or Jewish themselves, liberals believe only white people lack the right to own our own countries or even enclaves, with exclusive benefit and access being the cardinal characteristics of ownership.  Though progressive liberals are one hundred percent responsible for colonialism and imperialism in North America and most of the rest of the world, they have now come to believe that nonwhites have the right to keep the unwanted out of their countries, called post-colonialism.  It is only white groups who are not human enough to be entitled to such a right.  Indeed, the essence of postmodernism isn't to treat the former subjects of liberal imperialism well; it's about treating non-elite whites even shabbier.

Does this mean that white liberals aren't entitled to their own cities and enclaves?  Nope.  Just to take two liberal meccas, San Francisco is the only major city in the country that only gets whiter:

How about another liberal mecca, Vermont?  It turns out that along with Maine, another liberal hotspot, Vermont is the whitest state in the country at 95.4%.

If White liberals really think it's some kind of crime for whites not to want to live around nonwhites, then is it white privilege or liberal privilege for them to deny to others what they take for granted themselves?  The fact is that this isn't a racial thing at all, but rather a class thing.  The only unforgivable sin in the Deformed Church of Political Correctness is to be white and not rich.  The white liberal overclass has declared war on whites because they see us as the biggest threat to their undeserved liberal power and privilege, and they are right.

This is part of the liberal effort to make America into a full-fledged Third World country, like Mexico.  Mexico actually has fairly strict laws, but only for those who can't afford to pay their way out of obedience.  Mexican laws are only for the poor.  Similarly, in saner times, segregation laws meant that living in neighborhoods full of people just like us was just as much an entitlement of the poor as the rich.  Now, thanks to liberal desegregation laws, the liberal elites can afford to buy their way out of their own laws, but not the rest of us.  Obeying the law is only for those of us who can't afford to buy our way out of it.

In effect, liberals haven't declared war on the white race but upon the historic American nation, which was majority white.  Liberals whine and snivel "foul" when we Americans take exception to the liberal position that we don't count and fight back, believing we count just as much as any other group.  The rest of us not being able to disagree with liberals is part of the very essence of liberal privilege.  In our New And Improved post-American utopia, all of us were created equal, with some being more equal than others, with liberals being the most equal of all, and non-liberal whites not counting at all.  The question is whether we're going to resist and assert our most basic rights or whether we're going to go quietly into the night.  Ethnocidal liberals know exactly where they stand on this matter.  Do Americans?

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