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This Texas teen wanted an abortion. She now has twins.
Brooke Alexander found out she was pregnant 48 hours before the Texas abortion ban took effect

Of all places, this article is from the WP. The complete article can be found here.

Brooke Alexander, an 18-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas, who likely would’ve aborted the twins she gave birth to earlier this year were it not for her state’s recently implemented heartbeat bill. “Brooke knew the little things about her daughters that no one else would notice. Olivia had a higher-pitched cry. Kendall was harder to soothe. You could always tell when they were about to wake up, because they’d start to smile,” Kitchener writes. 

“Looking at her daughters, Brooke struggled to articulate her feelings on abortion. On one hand, she said, she absolutely believed that women should have the right to choose what’s best for their own lives. On the other, she knew that, without the Texas law, her babies might not be here. ‘Who’s to say what I would have done if the law wasn’t in effect?’ she said. 

‘I don’t want to think about it.’ Brooke considered all that she’d lost: Long nights at the skate park, trips to the mall, dropping $30 on a crab dinner just because she felt like it. ‘I can’t just really be free,’ she said. ‘I guess that really sums it up. That’s a big thing that I really miss.’ She sat silently for a while, Olivia’s hand wrapped around her finger. ‘It’s really scary thinking that I wouldn’t have them,’ she said.”

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