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August 27, 2019


The shabby depravity of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, the NYT, et al.


By Patricia McCarthy


Everyone paying attention to current events and the political wars that bedevil us all knows that CNN, NBC, and MSNBC are not honest brokers in any sense of the word.  For the eight years of the Bush administration, they verbally assaulted the president all day, every day.  George W. ignored their dishonest, calculated attacks in an effort to remain above the fray.  Bush gave these alleged news outlets a pass by refusing to take them on.  This was a mistake that Donald Trump learned not to repeat.  He has fought back from moment one, with a quick retort or tweet.  The same media and their mouthpieces slavishly idealized Barack Obama and overlooked and or covered up his many crimes and egregious errors in judgment.  For the left media crowd, Obama could have ordered a genocide, and they still would have idolized him.  Obama effectively did sanction the slaughter of Christians throughout the Middle East during his administration; he welcomed many thousands of Muslim refugees and refused refugee status to displaced Christians who were targeted by ISIS.  Christians have been effectively erased from the entire region.

The same media employed all the same tactics to candidate Trump even before he became the candidate.  They mocked him; late-night comics devoted their programs to deriding the man.  Once he became the candidate, they all doubled down and became downright vicious.  When it comes to venomous cruelty, no one tops the Left, in the media and in the entertainment sector.  When focused on a perceived enemy of their regressive progressiveness, they toss aside any sense of decency and go for the jugular.  They become everything we teach our children and grandchildren never to become: contemptible, intolerant snobs.  That is exactly who these persons with a media platform have become: malignant reprobates.  Nothing proves this more than their campaign to convince voters that Trump is unfit for office, mentally ill, etc.  They are dragging out the most Trump-deranged people to diagnose a man they've never met.  Obviously, every one of these so-called experts should have his license revoked for malpractice.  For example, Dr. Allen Frances's guest spot on CNN suggests he may well have been dispatched from Duke for displaying severe mental health problems himself.  Physician, heal thyself!

Dr. Frances appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources over the weekend to claim that Trump may be responsible for "more deaths than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin."  Dr. Frances needs a history lesson.  Execrable host Brian Stelter let the man rant and rave without offering a shred of evidence for his assertions.  Of course not.  CNN then promoted the clip on Twitter!  There is clearly not a single sentient person at CNN.

Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee likes to say  Trump's "mental health is a national and global emergency."  If this is what passes for a Yale psychiatrist, then Yale is a university to avoid; it is pumping out moonbats who cannot possibly be taken seriously.  George Conway, the hopefully former husband of Kellyanne, likes to accuse Trump of being "unstable."  The same people who support Joe Biden for president think Trump is suffering from Alzheimer's!

The man who can field questions from a hateful press for forty-five minutes in 90-degree heat without missing a beat is mentally ill?  No.  That would be the angry press that spends its time and opportunities to question the president haranguing him and trying to trick him into some misstatement it can use to bolster its own tawdry reputation.  These media people are pathetic.  Chris Cuomo is upset that Trump has not aged in office as previous presidents have; he chalks up his vigor as "not caring about the people."  Just who is mentally ill?

The paralyzing instability of the Left is not confined to cable news outlets.  It has seriously affected nearly everyone at the NYT, the WaPo, the LAT, and every other leftist newspaper in the nation.  After admitting that their intense focus only on the Russia hoax for over two years had failed, NYT editor Dean Baquet directed his staff to now go all in on the Trump-is-a-racist theme.  To start, they have set out to rewrite American history as having begun in 1619, built on slavery and slavery alone.  It's all a disgusting lie, but they are throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks.

If they think this ploy will sway voters against Trump, they are, again, sadly mistaken. These people hate our successful president so much that they have been rendered senseless.  They all need some kind of rehab for their crazed loathing of a good, smart, and very stable president.  "In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule (Nietzsche)."  Now we know that what we are experiencing with this frenzied Left is nothing new; it's just tedious.

The ratings for CNN and MSNBC are nearly nonexistent.  Not one program has even a million viewers.  Ancient Aliens beats Anderson Cooper!  This is good news, for it tells us that the American people are far more perceptive than their self-appointed betters.  The proof is that hardly anyone in this great nation of 350M people pays a bit of attention to what these arrogant elitists think or say.

The principal difference between the American Left and right is that the Left assumes that the population is dull-witted and easily led.  The right, like the Founders, believes in the informed good judgment of the American people.




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