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The Hunter Biden Plea Deal Is a Sham

We are not surprised that the Biden Justice Department struck a corrupt plea deal with Hunter Biden for misdemeanor tax violations and a false statement tied to a gun purchase. 

The Garland Justice Department’s disparate treatment of Hunter Biden and President Trump is an abomination unto the law. The sweetheart plea deal with Hunter Biden is a “thumb in the eye” to the fair administration of law. This is a miscarriage of justice whose chief beneficiary is President Biden. For far too long, Biden has avoided any serious investigation of his involvement in Hunter’s corrupt foreign business dealings. The plea deal, which doesn’t address the strong evidence of Biden family racketeering, is a sham.

Garland has now cleared the board for Biden’s reelection campaign by arresting Trump and shutting down the Biden family corruption issue with this rigged plea deal. And by refusing to appoint a special counsel, Garland avoids having to issue a public report disclosing the facts and details behind this charade. The Justice Department has been irredeemably compromised by its politicized prosecutions and cover-ups. 

Congress now has no choice but to initiate an immediate impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden and Merrick Garland. In the meantime, Judicial Watch will continue its leadership role of investigating and exposing the worsening Biden corruption crisis through numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), federal, and state lawsuits. 

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