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Ted Koppel on Dan Abrams Live

Longtime anchor and journalist Ted Koppel has renewed his 2019 concerns about America's increasing media bias. While talking with Dan Abrams on NewsNation, Koppel said his previous statements about The New York Times and The Washington Post deciding "as organizations that Donald J. Trump is bad for the United States" still ring true.

Koppel said he's bothered by the great newspapers who've seemingly dropped criteria that differentiate opinion from the news. "I don't like seeing opinion being expressed on the front page of a great newspaper," he said.

After Abrams pointed out that some journalists say Trump is different and must be "covered differently by the media," Koppel replied, "I think if you start drawing those distinctions, it's very difficult to know where you stop drawing the distinction. Do you feel that way about anybody else in politics?" 

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