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Teacher Who Threatened to Shoot Barron Trump ‘Stalked Him at School’

A former social studies teacher arrested earlier this week for threatening to shoot Donald Trump and his son Barron, 17, has now been accused of previously stalking the teen at his high school. 

Tracy Marie Fiorenza, 41, was arrested Monday morning in Chicago on a charge of transmitting threats to kill or injure – months after she traveled to Florida to allegedly stalk the former president’s youngest son. 

Police in Palm Beach questioned the teacher outside the Oxbridge Academy in March, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. 

Florida prosecutors asked that Fiorenzia be held without bond during her Wednesday hearing, arguing that she had an encounter with a sheriff that showed ‘these are not idle threats from a behind a keyboard.’

Fiorenza, who lives in Plainfield, Illinois, had several outburst during the hearing, shaking her head repeatedly and then addressing the judge as her attorney pleaded with her to stop. 

‘I have been contacting the school for years trying to get them to follow mandated reporting protocol,’ she said. ‘

People are not trained in the technology involved… I was going to pass out flyers to parents warning them before school started because no one was listening to me.’ 

She also claimed Donald Trump is the leader of a pedophile ring and that the government followed her former students in Chicago and used ‘remote sexual stimulation’ on them. 

A security guard at Barron’s prestigious school called 911 on March 7 to report a woman named ‘Tracy’ was asking about Barron Trump. The guard told police she was a ‘known stalker of a high-profile student.’ 

Fiorenza told a deputy at the scene she wanted to speak to the school’s headmaster because she had ‘conducted her own investigation’ into whether Barron was at the school. 

The teacher was issued a warning for trespassing and was allowed to leave the property. Later that day, police Secret Service agents found her at a nearby gas station and drove her to her hotel. 

She had previously harassed people at the school, making a string of calls in October claiming that officials ‘were not following protocol’ at Barron’s school, per police records. 

In May, Fiorenza allegedly emailed the school’s headmaster, writing: ‘I will state that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Baron Trump (sic) straight in the face at any opportunity that I get!’ 

Fiorenza allegedly wrote a similar email on June 5, saying she would ‘slam a bullet’ into Barron Trump ‘with his father IN SELF DEFENSE!,’ according to the affidavit submitted by a U.S. Secret Service agent. That month, a Secret Service agent met with Fiorenza in Chicago, where Fiorenza reportedly confirmed she wrote and sent the emails. 

On Wednesday hearing, prosecutors said Fiorenza poses a ‘real danger.’ They acknowledged mental health issues could be at play but said the community can’t be guaranteed safety if she’s released on bond. 

They said Fiorenza has also sent other correspondence to government officials and celebrities claiming she was being attacked by ‘bad actors.’ She was reportedly trying to ‘reach people who worked in White House’ as far back as 2018. 

Her court-appointed lawyer Daniel Hesler has said ‘There is nothing suggesting she is actually an aggressive person.’ He added that Fiorenza said ‘psychotronic weapons are communicating directly into her head and she’s just trying to stop it.’ ‘She would never actually get close to Barron Trump because she’s afraid of him… This is all a little wacky but it doesn’t say that she’s a danger.’

 As her lawyer spoke, Fiorenza objected, shouting: ‘I have a master’s degree in psychology. I am not delusional!’ 

The case against Fiorenza was filed earlier this month in U.S. District Court in southern Florida but was only unsealed this week.

A Facebook profile for Fiorenza’s features several anti-Trump and posts espousing conspiracy theories about elite pedophile rings in Hollywood. Fiorenza once posted a cartoon meme of Trump in handcuffs with the caption: ‘I have a dream…’ 

Many of the posts also showed visages of the former president being hanged from a tree. She also frequently uses social media to accuse Oprah Winfrey, former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and music producer Calvin Harris of various crimes

An Instagram post repeats the oft-debunked conspiracy theory that Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington – both confirmed to have died by suicide – were murdered. 

She has multiple posts calling for the former president’s arrest and theories regarding the illuminati on her Facebook wall. 

On her Facebook page, she said she was a former social studies teacher at Chicago’s Public Schools. CPS has confirmed she was a district employee from September, 2019, to August, 2020, but did not specify she was a teacher. 

Fiorenza is expected to be extradited to Florida to face the federal charges. 

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