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Strong Conservative Women for Europe.

Strong Conservative Women for Europe. Let's face it, the Liberal men have not been very successful in Europe.   Everywhere you look, the left is losing – in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary and now, following an election victory for the New Democracy party on Sunday, Greece. 

Everywhere in Europe, working-class voters have decided that the left is failing to defend their jobs and wages, and their culture and country, in favor all too often of defending the ‘rights’ of minority groups such as illegal migrants and men who call themselves women. The women of the new right are more concerned with protecting borders, jobs and families, even if that means curtailing free trade.

They are united by their patriotism and refusal to be cowed by green ‘net zero’ agendas. They also oppose those who reject the reality of biological sex. As women, they are less easily accused of bigotry when they reject trans ideology. They can’t be accused of male chauvinism.

 They are not currently opposed to their countries being members of the European Union, or the euro, but they are determined to reform Brussels and Strasbourg from the right. Meloni’s aim is for the European Conservative and Reformist party, of which she is president, to play a pivotal role in the European parliament after next May’s elections. The idea is to impose her confederal vision of a positive nationalism on what she regards as the sclerotic institutions of Europe. One wonders if Brexit would have happened if Meloni and co. had been in the ascendancy in 2016. 


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