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Statring to make sense. Trump, Putin playing chess with China

Xi is in trouble. I have said this many times and posted a lot of articles detailing the extent of his problems. They are now getting worse. I wrote an article on Trump taking a bigger stand in Mongolia, one of the biggest countries on Chinas Northern Border. Now it seems that Putin, taking a clue from Trump, is putting pressure on Tajikistan. Putin is forcing Xi to use more of his military resources at a time when China is weak.
Just how weak is China? Forget all the liberal MSM wags that make like Trump is losing the trade war; he is not. China is not no only having to worry about exports they have to import millions of tons of pork. China is by far the largest consumer of pork in the world. With it having to devalue the yuan, China now has to pay more for pork than is ever has. China has lost the majority of its pig population to a virus which is deadly and spreads quickly.
China exports have lost value due to the value of the yuan and the tariffs that they now have to pay to export to the US. China has turned to the EU and offered them exclusive prices for products to purchase to have a customer.
China is struggling with a debt problem also. It is very under-reported, but it is there. China Inc. is a ship taking on water at the fastest rate in three decades of very high growth.
So where are Xi's problems? Central China, due to a harsh change in government policy. The little bit of capitalism that had started to spring up has been wiped out. The state-businesses are now using the largest amount of money that used to be loaned to people in the business of capitalism.

Hong Kong, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and the South China Sea are all under a seemly co-ordinated attack. Most of the fault for all of this except for the swine flu falls on Xi. My prediction, his days of a permanent ruler are going to be short-lived.

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