So where are we with my channels?

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So where are we with my channels? Some may have wondered if our support for our President would cause us any issues. Well it hasn't. Oh sure a few lurkers have attempted to tie my channels that I manage in with the rioters and Parler.

On Parler, my articles have been posted there and if anyone thinks that they amounted to treason, I'm sure the Feds will contact me. As  if someone hasn't contacted them already. As you know, several idiots on a regular basis troll here, then try to get my channels banned or troll relatives and friends of mine.

A week ago someone tried to flood several of my channels with viruses and spyware. Yeah some clown out of Europe. But with the several hundred other attempts this person made, it didn't work.

For my lurkers who have hatred for even my music channels and posters there, I for the darnedest can't figure out why they come over multiple times a day.

In closing, my channels aren't going anywhere. The lurkers can contact anyone they wish. But a heads up. Since Parler went down, I've added four other social media venues to replace it.