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So what's this noise about mail in voting and ballot harvesting? Oh the left is telling us that they don't know why most Americans are against mail in voting and ballot harvesting. They site the 2020 elections of why it should continue. Here's what's left out.

Absentee ballots were never an issue. Remember why we went with mail in voting and ballot harvesting for all.  If you voted in person you would die because of COVID-19. Guess what? You didn't. But the lie continues.

Wisconsin was the first test. 52 folks caught the virus after the primaries. Not one died. The big lie was that those 52 also voted in person. That was the only proof. So what's going on now?

Red state legislatures and Governors want to go back to what was normal for all those years before 2020. Absentee yes if you have an excuse, voter ID, and no ballot harvesting.

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