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Reader’s Suggestion for Voting in the USA – Use the Same Technology as Used Across America Every Day.

This Article was written and published by our friend Doc Farmer. It was published on GP.

One solution to address voter fraud is to use the same technology as used by the lotteries.

Ever since Bush won the election in 2000, people have complained about voting. Systems that worked for decades were decried by the Mainstream Media and the DNC (two peas in a pod) for a simple reason. They lost. Their guy didn’t get into office (thank God!) and so we were stuck with hanging chads and more recently ballot-box stuffers, and demands that we go away from our Representative Constitutional Republic and move to a “pure” Democracy. Well, there’s nothing “pure” about Democracy, which is a fancy Greek word for “mob rule”. We have an Electoral College that protects the States, as it is the STATES who elect a President, NOT the national total of voters.

But the Democrats try to make you think that’s evil. Except when THEY win via the Electoral College, then it’s okay, of course. Some say Leftists have double standards, which is not true. They have NO standards. Zero, zip, nada. Their only goal is power. To achieve it, to amass it, and to steal it from you at every turn.

Don’t believe me? Look at our current situation. Rep. Nancy Pelosi delayed a much-needed relief package for nearly a week to throw in every leftist wish and wet dream in their arsenal. Green New Deal, millions for the Kennedy Center (which Trump should never write them a check for, in my opinion), billions for her cronies, and then “voting reform”. A “Vote By Mail” scenario across the entirety of the United States, which in itself would violate the Constitution as it is the STATES who have to come up with their own election laws and processes. And as we all know, their vote by mail system is rife with corruption. Look at California in the ’18 elections and how they STOLE seats won by Republicans after counting a bunch of “mail-in” (see also: bogus, unproven, illegal, DNC-written) votes.

Of course, the States themselves are often hornswoggled into thinking that they can “fix” their old paper systems with new, sleek, nifty electronic voting machines. Mostly made by ATM manufacturers, mostly financially backed by individuals like George Soros, mostly insecure with hackable systems, Internet connections, “back doors” and frankly crappy coding that FORCE a vote recorded for the Democrat instead of the Republican. This has been proved again and again, and yet these devices are still marketed and sold. Mostly to corrupt (i.e. leftist) voting boards across many cities and states.

Besides, many of these devices are difficult to work with. They are designed by ATM companies, so they often LOOK like an ATM. The elderly can at times think they’re going to get $40 from their bank account while trying to vote for a President, Senator, Representative, Governor or Mayor. They’re hardly “intuitive” and usually too complex.

But what if there were an alternative that could be used on a state-by-state level, AND a national level?

One that was easy to use, ubiquitous, incredibly secure, and would offer a safe and secure paper trail as well as multiply-redundant electronic records? One that would have CAMERA coverage to ensure that the paper “receipts” couldn’t be palmed or thrown away or otherwise “ballot stuffed”? One that virtually EVERY adult could understand with only a one-page pamphlet on how to vote on the machine? One that would give voting results in a matter of minutes, not days, with a fully redundant cross-matching verification process, both internally and against the paper trail?

Well, believe it or not, we already have such a voting infrastructure in place, at this very moment. I first wrote about it right after the ’04 election, when after all that effort and expense in new voting machines and techniques, STILL screwed things up massively. Considering what Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and even our benighted previous president Obama, are trying to shove down our throats, a corrupt cheating system guaranteed to destroy any hope of a fair and free election, I think its time has come again to be discussed, debated, and possibly adopted.

What’s this magical system that will revolutionize and secure our individual votes, and guarantee that each State’s voice is heard in the Presidential elections, as well as nearly eliminate the ability to defraud every other election at every other level?

Lottery machines.

No, I am NOT making a joke here. This is not sarcasm nor satire nor the result of a Wuhan Virus induced high-fever. I’ve thought about this deeply for over 15 years, ever since my first article on it in Computerworld Magazine. Considering what has happened to our elections in the intervening years, maybe it’s time to look at this again, make some improvements, and propose it as an option to both the States and the Lottery Companies.

Lottery Machines are basically optical readers. We’ve almost all played the Lottery (well, except in Utah) so we all know how to fill out a ticket to join in on our 14-sqillion-to-one opportunity for untold riches. Goobers and Grannies, the technically astute and the dendritically-challenged, the Rich, Middle-Class, and even we smelly Wal-Mart Shoppers, ALL of us have at one time or another used this system.

Lottery machines, as well as their back-end computer equipment, not to mention their communication networks, are highly secured and encrypted. After all, they’re dealing with millions upon millions of dollars of revenue. Since lottery companies as well as each state’s taxation department have a vested interest in ensuring a secure collection system, security MUST be foremost.

As to the lottery companies, they would have a very easy time adjusting to this. All that would be required, for two days every election year (primary and general), would be a separate adjustment of programming for the devices to record votes. Those votes would be by location (for local/state/House seats) with adjustments for each precinct the voter belonged to. The vote tallying would come down to the voter’s ID card (driver’s license or other free State-issued card), which are almost all now part of the “REAL ID” system. This eliminates “same day registration” which is a foolish (and easily corrupted) system, rife with fraud and almost always used to allow for multiple voting by those who are bused from polling place to polling place in order to cheat the system.

Try this as an example. Each voter would bring their state-issued ID to any nearby convenience store, grocery store, anywhere that had a lottery machine. Yes, no more precincts, no new equipment. Since each ID has the photo and age of the person, as well as their Voter ID status in state records, as well as a machine-readable code block on the back (I call it “mushcode” but I’m sure there’s a better name for it), the risk of fake IDs is significantly reduced. As to the voting slips, those can be sent by the state to each voter’s precinct, or shops within a precinct area could have a supply of extra slips under lock and key, handing them out one at a time to ensure somebody doesn’t lift the entire stash. You could even have a standard state slip and ensure the voter fill out their zip code and precinct number if you wish.

The slips could either have an instruction sheet (for Candidate A, fill in number 01, for Candidate B, fill in number 02, etc.) or the slips themselves could include names on the one side and the numbers/choices on the other for the voter to fill out. The voting slip would be the same size and spacing as a regular lottery ticket (so the optical readers don’t need realignment). If multiple slips are required for a particular voting cycle, that could also be handled quite easily. The voter fills out the slip and hands it in for processing. If the voting slip is filled out incorrectly, the machine prints a ticket explaining where the voter goofed, and the slip can be handed back to the voter to fix.

Once the voting slip is correct, the lottery machine would beep, but not record the vote until the voter hands over their ID. The back of the ID would be scanned by the machine (or a hand-held laser reader). If the voter ID card is valid, and the person with the ID is actually registered, the vote itself would be recorded in one file, and the ID card would be acknowledged in a separate file. This is vital, because you must verify the voter is valid and eligible before you accept the vote. By keeping the two files separate, and by not including a time/date/location stamp on the file entries for the ID card, you preserve the secret ballot (since the vote can’t be tracked back to the user).

Also, by checking the identity with the card, the system will also be able to record when/if people tried to vote more than once. If they do try to vote multiple times, only the FIRST recorded vote would be accepted as valid. And if a person tried to vote four or five times, well, then you’d have evidence of potential voter fraud which could be investigated by State Police and (hopefully) punished harshly in the courts.

By keeping the two files separate, and by securing the time/date/location stamp on the file entries for the ID card, you preserve the secret ballot (since the vote itself can’t be tracked back to the user).

Once the system accepts the vote, the voting slip (the one the voter filled out) would be placed into a locked box. Also, the machine would print out a voting receipt with all the vote data stored at the bottom (in machine readable code) which would go into a separate locked box. As a further safety measure, a separate printer in the room where the communications equipment goes could create a hard copy and a machine-readable form to counter-check the slips stored at the lottery machines themselves. This would be a handy verification, especially in the event of recounts or system problems.

As to a visible way of keeping voters down to a single vote, folks would dip their right index finger into a small bottle of permanent ink (with a couple chemicals added it to fluoresce even if they tried to wash it off). It’s a bit of an homage to the folks in Iraq who, after finally being freed from oppression, used this method as a mark of honor.

Oh, one thing. Under no circumstances would voters be allowed to use the “quick pick” option. Although, sometimes I think that might be a safer way to elect our political representation. No scratch-off Presidents or Governors either…

At the end of the day, when the polls close, there would be almost no delay in getting the results. The numbers would have been centrally tabulated throughout the voting day. Since the lottery systems are highly secured and multiply redundant, there would be a high degree of confidence in the results.

There are several advantages to this process, not the least of which are speed and accuracy. There’s also convenience and familiarity. Being tied down to a single location for all voting in a precinct, or even a city, can be difficult, so this would cut down on lines or long waits. Familiarity, because as previously stated, virtually everyone is accustomed to the lottery process. No more butterfly ballots, chads, confusing screen interfaces, etc. It could even count as an intelligence test – if you’re too dumb to fill out a lottery slip, then you’re probably too dumb to vote (see also: Joe Biden). Even better, after you’ve voted, you can get a Snickers and a Slim Jim (something redneck voters like me have dreamed of).

As an addition, there would be a way to tack on a “voting incentive program” for each state. Since the system will record all those who successfully voted (only once, mind you) a state could randomly select 1,000 voters for a $1,000 prize, 100 voters for a $10,000 prize, 10 voters for a $100,000 prize, and one lucky voter for a cool million. A total outlay of $4 million in state funds would certainly INCREASE voter participation by a significant rate.

Is this a “radical” idea? Probably. But I believe it is also a secure, safe, and verifiable process to strictly limit and drastically reduce the potential for vote fraud. And in these uncertain and dangerous times, with all the Democrats are trying to do to dismantle our republic and restrict or eliminate our freedoms, I think it’s worth consideration and discussion.

Think about it – this makes sense.

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