Opinion. Why such a difference in reporting?

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Opinion. Why such a difference in reporting? When I saw that 47% of Americans had no idea about Joe and Hunter Biden and their connection to China and the Ukraine, I said aloud, how can that be?

Hunter Biden made millions selling access to his father’s office when Joe Biden was vice president of the United States. We now know with the discovery of Hunter’s computer that Joe was aware of the schemes and openly admitted to a quid pro quo with Ukraine “Son of a B****, they fired the prosecutor.” 

Well we found out that social media like Twitter and Facebook wouldn't allow stories that pointed out what was going on. Also you would see on local news sites that Biden would campaign and not wear a mask. Also there would be a crowd of about 30. Including the media. How did MSM report it? A enthusiastic crowd, and a old picture with Biden wearing a mask.

Biden would make gaff after gaff. How did the MSM report it? They didn't.  How did Twitter or Facebook report the gaffs? They didn't. So in closing, let's see how the illigetamate President is covered the next four years.