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N.Y. Muslim rants: Islam will invade every home as it’s the ‘correct religion’

Social media is delivering a verbal spanking to a moslem man who went on a rant in New York about Islam, demanding that it invade every home because it is the “correct religion.”

A “social media…verbal spanking” is not the correct response, people.

The video was posted by WayofLifeSQ which offers services to bring people closer to Allah and has various price levels up to $99.99 monthly for access to its online postings to do that.

The rant:

We’re done hiding. We’re done. We’re done being tortured and hurt and judged. This is the correct religion. This is the religion that all of humanity needs to be upon of Islam. And we will not stop until it enters every home. So I want you to repeat after me. I want to hear it in every single district. It should tremble. Brooklyn should hear it, the Bronx should hear it. Queens should hear it. Say it as if the ummah depends on this my brothers and sisters.

He then screams in Arabic:

There is no god worthy of worship except Allah, the god of Jesus, the god of Moses, the god of Abraham and the god of the last and final prophet Muhammad.

Among the comments that followed the video were:

I will not give up my faith nor my God and my Lord Jesus.

Another, an Orthodox Christian, said:

Our God is the only and true God and King everywhere in heaven and on earth, there are no other Gods except Him the Most High.

Another added:

No religion should become a dictatorship. And people still think it’s peaceful??? It’s a forceful ideology.

And another:

Jesus Christ said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the light. NOBODY comes to the father but through me. Now and forever, amen.’

And another:

Not in my home. Not today. Not ever.

And another:

I am Catholic. I am not changing my religion.

One contributor, matter-of-factly concluded:

This dude is nuts.


Imagine someone preaching Christianity or any other religion like this in [a moslem] dominant country.

And finally:

I have searched for the truth for 45 years reading this reading that I have come to the conclusion that there’s only one way to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ.

The speaker did get some online support, through a contributor who wrote:

Our job as a [moslem] is not to force islam but to remind them. It’s up to them if they want to walk away or not. Because Islam is religion of peace. (Added so no one fight in the comment) He said ‘we wil not give up until enter every home’ Because there are 2 ways, first always da’wah, second force them to islam or else. We are forbidden to use the 2nd one, but we cannot deny that there will be an extremist who think different. Because i think he is look a bit angry while saying that. Well I can’t deny it because our brothers and sisters are suffering right now. We human have limit of patience, but we must not lose our ways I’m sorry if my comment is too vague. I’m just human who full of mistakes. May Allah SWT forgive us all.

Final thoughts: WayofLifeSQ seems intent to initiate a Holy War. Fortunately, Islamists are a minority in America. Now, imagine what will become once their numbers have grown comfortably for them.

Anyone having second thoughts about welcoming this mental disorder to our shores?


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