My analysis on what needs to be done.

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My analysis on what needs to be done. We need to take some giant steps to help minimize this threat to our citizens and our economy. First and foremost, the Media, CDC, and the WHO needs to get on board with the President. Stop making this political.

Yes many have made this about politics, and that must stop. You still have a few channels on the left and right who are making this a chess piece in a dangerous game. Now here's a few of my ideas.

1. Limit the checks to those who are collecting welfare, disability, unemployment, and those who are making less than $100,000.

2. Ask all social venues to ban anyone who politicizes the situation. All Media must stop the personal and political attacks.

3.When places of businesses start to reopen, limit the number of people allowed in them. Check temperatures at the door and employees hourly.

Post any other ideas you may have.