Let's talk about those NEW Jobs.

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Let's talk about those NEW Jobs. We have seen that day in day out someone is hiring. Not calling back, but hiring. Don't believe me? How about Jobscan? Here's their latest numbers. Just eight companies that I know of, have brought in 1 million new workers. So when some loon tells you that these are recalls, tell them to take economics 101.

What Pandemic?

The Ultimate List of Companies Still Hiring

This list of companies continuing to hire, pausing hiring efforts, or enduring layoffs has been compiled from multiple public lists and news sources. We hope this list of company hiring statuses will support you in your job search during the COVID-19 crisis.

The list of companies hiring is mostly user-generated, so please add information if you know anything about your company. We have a dedicated team maintaining this list to ensure it remains up to date.

11118 Companies

8144 Hiring

3203 Freezing

941 Layoff