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So the left was shocked when this came out.  A  review by economists on how the COVID lockdown hurt the economy. Actually they ignored it pretty much. Then Forbes came out and attacked it. As did Medpage and others. They attacked it as it being a medical piece.

If you read it, it was a piece on the effects COVID had on the economy. So the left attacked it not knowing the difference between the Economy and Science. Said it was flawed cause economists wrote a paper on the economy???????????????????????

So economists including the one from THE SCHOOL OF APPLIED ECONOMICS AT JOHN HOPKINS  even stated that, “views expressed in each working paper are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the institutions that the authors are affiliated with. 

Now why would economists use doctors as their sources instead of other economists when writing on the economy? In fairness, they did use one medical expert, and I'm surprised even one was used.

I was sent a link about this from my friends over at NV. It was mentioned that I had another lurker on websites where Phoenix and I write. We shall call this person Buckeye Chuck. Maybe when Chuck reads this, they will correct their fake news.

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