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Let's clear the air.

Based on the e-mails I've received, both sides seem to be a bit confused on my views when it comes to Vaccine, Boosters, Masks, etc. I support all of them. For some. Let me explain. 

Based on the best legitimate and verifiable  information at the time out there, I got the J&J one and done. My antibodies have not gone below 1,700. No side effects at all. If you're not comfortable with the Vaccine, don't get it. We are seeing more and more vaccinated folks getting COVID and dying. Under Trump there was no Vaccine. Under Biden you have three Vaccines and more people have died with Biden and the Vaccines.

The Booster has done nothing to slow this down. You have folks getting the booster and guess what? People are still getting COVID and dying. Rely on what your family doctor or specialist says. I have a family member whose doctor has had the Vaccine and the Booster. He's on COVID number 3. Yes he has had COVID three times now. Is that the norm? No but it shows where the Vaccine and Booster did him no good.

Let's talk about Masks. Where required by law or place of business wear them. Unless you have COVID at the time, they really do not serve a purpose. Before I retired in June of last year, My company sold Masks. Except for the surgical, three layer, N95, and KN95 most were worthless or a fashion statement. The fauch was right when he said the masks did not protect you. Only good purpose they served was for the infected to not spread the virus. Now Tony the fauch has changed his position on that. 

If I do get the virus I'll take what legal medicine is out there. I'll also see where my antibodies are at. At this time I see no reason for a booster. Unless medical science, not Tony the fauch junk science tells me so.

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