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Let's build a bullet train to Mexico. California bullet train adds another $1.3 billion to projected price tag. I remember when this was going to cost 100 million. Add another $1.3 billion  and now we're at $80 billion and counting. And that's only one stretch. One line. This from the LA Times.

The increase in the projected baseline cost is smaller than previous jumps, with Kelly calling it ”virtually unchanged” and within the ranges of recent previous estimates. The 2016 business plan estimated the project would cost $64 billion. The authority raised that to $77 billion in the 2018 business plan and added $2 billion to the estimate just last year.

The new plan continues to project that the entire Los Angeles-to-San Francisco route will be running by 2033 — a quarter-century after California voters first approved it — “assuming funding is available when needed.”

What say you?

Source: LA Times

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