If only this all came out while Trump was still in office.

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If only this all came out while Trump was still in office. So much has recently come out since President Trump left office. One has to wonder if it would have made a difference if released when the truth was actually known. But let's go down memory lane. Much of this comes from The Atlantic. Edited.

There's no denying Trump was right on the border. Why did Harris go to where there was a bigly wall? And Trump predicted this.  Hydroxychloroquine works. Virus came from a lab in China. Hunter Biden's laptop was real and it wasn't Russian disinformation.Lafayette Square wasn't cleared for a photo OP.

The Russian Bounties story was fake and the vaccines were produced before the end of the year in record time. Blue states shouldn't have went into lock downs and schools should have remained open. Tax Cuts, and the US- Canada- Mexico trade pact.

Stricter regulation of Vaping happened under Trump. Normalization in the Middle East. Safeguarding 5G networks from Chinese control. Removal of Isis in Syria and IRAQ. Speeding generic drug approval and tightening asylum rules. Restoring due process on college campuses and doubling the tax deduction.

And I close with Space Force, and Criminal Justice reform.