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They say that 98.7% of twitter employees contributed to Democrats for the midterms. I want to thank the 1.3% who supported free choice. I must admit I really have been fortunate. Twitter has allowed my comments and articles to be posted without any interference from them. Oh that hasn't stopped my lurkers from trying to stir the pot.

At one time Twitter and other social media were receiving up to 100 complaints a day about my posts and articles. But my guardian angels at those venues caught on real quick to these loons.

Here's their main complaints. He's spamming, he keeps on repeating the same comments and same articles. No other folks were repeating and reposting my comments and  third party groups were reposting my articles. He's supporting the use of Ivermectin. No I wrote articles that allow people to make their own choice.

Regardless of why they did it, most if not all my early comments and articles were re instated. So thanks guardian angels.

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