I heard we had a little ruckus in DC today?

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I heard we had a little ruckus in DC today? So I guess the MSM and the left got all upset about the takeover of the people's capitol. Let me be clear. What was done and the way it was done was wrong. It was shameful to see Conservatives acting like BLM and Antifa.

I would have wished that the protests would have been done In the state capitols of Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Why cause the appearance of violence in the nations capitol?

Now I guess the illegitimate President was also upset. Where was his anger all year when Antifa and BLM rioted and did damage and attacked people? Why wasn't the media calling for the arrest of those terrorists?

In closing, I want you all to just take a deep breathe and ask your self this question? How will you react the next time an election is stolen?