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From last January to today you had millions of front line workers treating those with COVID. Millions of people with essential jobs working to serve, protect and feed the rest of the population. Many had very little protection cause according to the USA Today the Obama-Biden administration left little to no protection for all personal. Who were these heroes?

Doctors, Nurses, Police, Fire, other Medical workers, and even grocery store workers day in day out were risking their lives. And we had thousands of them died. For all we know the unvaccinated gave the vaccine to those who today are demanding that they be fired.

Since September Biden, the fauch, the CDC, and the FDA have been after our true heroes. Now the courts have started to protect those folks. Hopefully the Supreme Court stops this assault.

Big Pharma is becoming rich beyond folks wildest dreams here. The FDA and the CDC are refusing to look at cheaper alternatives to treatment  and one has to wonder why? Tony the fauch is out there also blocking actual science when it comes to COVID. So if you're one of the unvaccinated not in one of the job descriptions I mentioned, you also are a hero.

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