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The Drew Barrymore Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, The Jennifer Hudson Show, and The Talk announced this week that they will return to the air.

Hurricane Lee approaches New England and Canada. Like the shark in Jaws that doesn’t appear for the first hour of the movie, Hurricane Lee has been hanging out in the Atlantic Ocean but is finally ready to strike. The storm is expected to make landfall today in New Brunswick, Canada, with the strength of a powerful tropical storm. But because it’s such a large storm, with topical-storm level winds stretching as far as 300 miles from its center, Lee’s impact will likely be felt in New England and along the East Coast.

 G-7 to ban Russian diamonds. In the latest coordinated effort to try to starve Russia’s war machine, the Group of Seven nations plan to announce a ban on importing Russian diamonds within the next three weeks (though it won’t kick in until next year). Exactly how to implement it is still being debated, as major diamond hubs like Belgium want to ensure they’re not just kicking business to Dubai. But the biggest diamond industry threat may not be international competition since lab-grown diamonds have recently taken a bite out of the market for natural diamonds as consumers embrace more sustainable (and cheaper) love tokens.

 Your US v. Google update. We’re one week into the 10-week trial in the government’s high-stakes antitrust case against Google, and the two sides have staked out their positions. The DOJ claims that Google spends billions per year to maintain its monopoly over search, paying to be the default on web browsers and mobile devices. Google, meanwhile, asserts that its dominant position comes from being better than all its competitors. “If Google is prevented from competing, that won’t make Yahoo or DuckDuckGo run faster,” the company’s lawyer said in court.

  • TikTok was fined $368 million by Irish privacy regulators for allegedly failing to protect children’s data in violation of European laws.

  • Colombia’s biggest export will soon no longer be oil—it’ll be cocaine, per Bloomberg’s calculations.

  • Princess Diana’s black sheep sweater sold for $1.1 million at auction. Not bad for a used wool jumper.
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