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A substack reprint.

Pharmacies and grocery stores across America are now receiving their “free” supply of taxpayer-funded N95 masks, but there’s one small (major) issue with how they’re being distributed.

According to evidence that has accumulated on social media and in wider media reports, many stores are distributing N95s outside of any form of sealed packaging. [Here’s some background on the shenanigans:Facing calls to “upgrade” their masks, in late January, the Biden Administration withdrew some 400 million N95 masks from the federal stockpile of 737 million N95s, and decided to ship them out to grocery stores across America. There remains no evidence that N95 masks — which were made for industrial use (think miners, construction workers, painters, etc) and are commonly used in healthcare settings — work to stop viruses.]

Take a look at what’s going on across the United States. Countless pharmacies and grocery store recipients of the federal stockpile are giving away unpackaged, already-contaminated N95s. It appears that many of the mask orders arrived in bulk packaging, instead of receiving individually wrapped masks.


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