For those who moved, all's forgiven. Come back home.

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For those who moved, all's forgiven. Come back home. In case you forgot President Trump told the GM auto workers to not leave the area. But they were enticed by white plantationists who said please come to the west coast. What wasn't mentioned was that they had run down Sears home kits around a hundred years old. Homes filled with nasty mold and mildew. No wonder the average height is around four feet tall.

Well as you know about 1,000 left. So what's happened since they left? Home Goods built a 1.2 million square foot warehouse.  It's partially opened with 300 folks working there. Tax abetments if they reach the 1,000 jobs promised. GM in partnership with a South Korean company building a battery plant. 1,000 jobs, plant will be 3 million square feet. Lordstown Motors bought a closed GM factory. 500 people now working there, 1,500 at full capacity. And Macy's adding to their distribution center. Adding 400 more jobs.

Now the jobs are paying a low of $15.00 an hour. The skilled workers $30-35.00 an hour. Management starting at $75,000 yearly salary.