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CNN’s Brian Stelter Refuses to Walk Back His False Claims Hunter Biden’s Laptop Emails Were ‘Russian Disinformation’

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CNN anchor Brian Stelter on Friday refused to walk back inaccurate claims he promoted on his program when he claimed Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” emails were “Russian disinformation.” “Hey, just curious, when did I claim ‘Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were likely Russian propaganda’? Can you send me the quote?” he sent in a direct message on Twitter to this reporter, a reference to a Thursday Breitbart News article in which he was listed along with 14 others in establishment media for falsely suggesting the laptop was Russian propaganda and disinformation.

 In response, Stelter was asked if he stood by the inaccurate claims he made on his show where he suggested the Hunter Biden emails may have been “made up” and could have been “Russian disinformation,” or if he was planning to retract the inaccurate comments. Stelter was also provided with this video which clearly shows him using the phrase “Russian disinformation” to refer to the emails and suggesting they may have been “made up.”

A former CNN employee confirmed to Breitbart News that the reason Stelter is “freaking out” about what he did or did not say on air at CNN regarding “disinformation” is because Stelter is concerned he “will be swept up in the internal investigation given his closeness to Jeff Zucker.”

Stelter has not replied any further when asked about these comments from the former CNN employee, to whom Breitbart News granted anonymity to protect this person’s ability to speak freely. Stelter has also not answered a series of detailed questions from Breitbart News about his role and position when it comes to the internal investigation at CNN. Stelter did not answer when asked if he has already sat for an interview or deposition as part of Judge Forrest’s investigation or, if he has not yet been interviewed, does he expect to be requested to, and if asked, will he cooperate.

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