Clinton, Franken, Obama, Omar, Liers and cheats to the bone!

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Minnesota and the 5th District!

Just a collection of articles to read through.  I will put them together at the end.  Unless you really follow history and politics it should come as no surprise that Obama set up (through tax payer immigration and welfare the 5th just so someone like Omar could win.

Yikes: Did Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Funds Mostly Go Toward Her Alleged Affair?

"Today, NLPC filed a Complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) alleging that she and her campaign violated the prohibition on the personal use of campaign funds by reimbursing political consultant Tim Mynett for his travel in 2019. The Complaint also alleges that Omar and her campaign failed to itemize the travel reimbursements, as required," the National Legal and Policy Center released in a statement Wednesday. 

Hubert H. Humphrey senator and Vice-President remembered for his advocacy of civil rights. In 2002, both of the state’s senators, Mark Dayton and Paul Wellstone, were among the minority who voted against the Iraq War. Wellstone’s death, in a plane crash, two weeks later, was a loss from which the state has never fully recovered. But Democratic politics in Minnesota is also a story of failed national ambitions, from Eugene McCarthy’s five unsuccessful bids for the Presidency to Humphrey’s nadir, at the riotous 1968 Democratic Convention, and Walter Mondale’s catastrophic loss to Ronald Reagan, in 1984. The revelations of sexual harassment that resulted in Al Franken’s resignation from the Senate, and the allegations of domestic abuse that now threaten the career of the congressman Keith Ellison, are only the latest disappointments. (Ellison has denied the claims, and local Democrats seem inclined to withhold judgment.) If he leaves a void at the vanguard of Minnesota progressivism, it may well be filled by Omar. 

The Fifth District reelected Ellison five times, and he grew to national prominence as both one of the most progressive members of Congress and an early supporter of Bernie Sanders’s Presidential run. Last year, Ellison ran to chair the Democratic National Committee, on the strength of Minnesota’s voter-turnout rate, which was the highest of any state in the 2016 election. His loss, in February, was seen as a snub of his turnout strategy, and of the Party’s progressive wing.

  • In 2017, the largest groups of foreign-born Minnesotans were born in Mexico (about 66,605); Somalia (27,373); India (28,403); Laos, including Hmong (25,436); Vietnam (18,330); China, excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan (19,900); Ethiopia (17,536); and Thailand, including Hmong (17,260). These estimates do not include U.S.-born children of these immigrants. They also likely underestimate the size of our immigrant populations because trust and language issues reduce response rates to Census surveys.
  • 11.1% of Minnesotans (age 5+) spoke a language other than English at home. Behind English, the most common languages spoken are Spanish (about 194,121 speakers) and Hmong (58,833 speakers). 75,095 Minnesotans speak African languages, not d-aggregated in the data.
  • The most common ancestries (reflecting family or generational ties, regardless of one's birthplace) reported by Minnesotans in 2017 were German (1,823,185 people), Norwegian (816,954 people), Irish (565,980 people), Swedish (434,411 people), English (292,067 people), and Polish (250,781 people). About 52,333 Minnesotans reported Somali ancestry in 2017. Many Minnesotans do not report ancestry or simply report "American."

    (Source: 2017 American Community Survey)

  • Omar was one of three leading candidates, all of whom would make a typical Women’s Marcher proud. Margaret Anderson Kelliher, who is fifty years old, grew up on a family farm in rural Minnesota and was the state’s second female Speaker of the House. Patricia Torres Ray, who is fifty-four, was born in Colombia, and was the first Latina elected to the Minnesota senate. All three campaigned on single-payer health care, gun control, abolishing ICE, and ending the student-debt crisis.

  • Since 1983, the U.S. has taken in a total of 132,224 Somalis, 99 percent of whom are Sunni Muslims who observe some form of Shariah law.

    Mathematically speaking, 1.2 percent of Somalia's 10.6 million population has now been resettled in America.

  • Since 1983, the U.S. has taken in a total of 132,224 Somalis, 99 percent of whom are Sunni Muslims who observe some form of Shariah law.

    Mathematically speaking, 1.2 percent of Somalia's 10.6 million population has now been resettled in America.

  • "Before that, our refugee laws were designed primarily to rescue people who were fleeing communism," he said. "When Kennedy got a hold of it, things started to change."

    He said Somalia serves as a textbook case in how the refugee law can be abused under the guise of humanitarianism, with nongovernmental organizations and religious "charities" getting paid by the federal government to resettle Third Worlds with or without the permission of state and local elected leaders.

  • Anyone remember this.  Yep Omar's country and where Black Hawk Down happened under Clinton.

  • 20th Ranger

  • So how did we end up with 1.2 % of Somalia living in the US?

  • Kennedy, Clinton, Bush43 and Obama. Obama brought in the most at over 40,000 during his 8 years.

  • "The refugee resettlement industry, open-border activists and all the leftists want us to do it for either their own profit-making or their agenda-driven purposes," he said. "There's no other reason, no other rationale." 
  • "Basically, what happened, the real truth is, it’s a radical leftist agenda just like any other aspect of the open-borders agenda. And they continue to bank on the fact that nobody's paying attention," Simpson said. "And so they'll just keep doing it as long as they can, until someone says, 'Whoa, wait a minute! What in the hell are you doing here?'" 

  • So how did the US end up with someone like Omar?  As the short articles, I posted to point out, not all at once. Like so many things that politicians are doing to the US for their various end games, it has been an ongoing problem that no one has raised a flag against until it is too late.
    The fact that the US government not only brought in the non-refugees is illegal under the Geneva Convention. Warring tribes do not make a refugee under this rule. That the US government brought them in and then placed them where they wanted to is in violations of Article 10. That is a state rights issue than only Tennessee finally took the US government to court.
    The alleged crimes of Omar are far and wide. Social media protects her under the Islamophobia umbrella to prevent in-depth investigation.
    We can blame Clinton who sent American troop back into Somalia after he reduced the force from 25,000 to just over 1,000. Obama repeated this mistake in Iraq by not keeping a peacekeeping force of 12,500 troops.
    We can blame Bush 43, basically a joke as a president and Obama who systematically set out to fundamentally change America.
    But most of all we must blame ourselves. We are uninvolved, lazy, do not do our homework or demand that the press actually do their job.
    We have watched this country fall apart around us as passive bystanders.
    So we will have 2020 elections, what are you going to do? My advice, get off your asses and take a stand before it has become our generation that has let slip the last and brightest beacon of freedom.
    Thanks for reading.