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Biden's Chicano/Chicana  outreach under fire.I can't tell what their strategy is. Joe Biden has a message for Latino's. But does anyone know what it is? Latino's are just as confused as Whites, Blacks, Orientals, etc. Oh sure Joe has gone left on illegal immigration. Why not? They're the fastest growing segment of the Democrat party. And trust me when I say that they vote.

We have this from Politico.

In interviews, more than 20 Latino political operatives, lawmakers, and activists said they don’t see a game plan from Biden to marshal Hispanic voters effectively in the fall. They said there’s little evidence the campaign is devoting the resources or hiring the staff that task will require — all the more crucial during a pandemic, when reaching and mobilizing Latino voters through in-person canvassing is nearly impossible. 

What say you?

Source Politico

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