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First and foremost like Russia and China, Progressives are Socialists. They have lover spats, but always come together. If not for Russia and China, Biden wouldn't be in the position  he's in. So why are Progressives upset with Russia? MSM. MSM was upset cause Russia supposedly was giving help to both sides in the 2016 elections. So this phony war on Trump was bought hook, line, and sinker.

Feeling betrayed the progressives lashed out with two impeachments based on the Russian hoax. But the left still was upset. Along comes Putin and his attack on the Ukraine. Finally a way for the left to get back at their boy Vlad. Progressives now are the new war mongers. How does China fit in? The new lover boy of the left. They give us a virus and the Progressives freak out when China is shut down.

 I remember this one California loon screaming about how China is our friend and we must not stop travel. How does this play out? As in most lover spats, the left and Vlad will kiss and make up.

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